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The SandPad™ is a universally adaptable product, designed for standard sized crutches and canes measuring 1”-inch diameter and less. For canes less than 1” inch diameter, please wrap the pre-sized tape insert included with your order around the end of your cane to increase diameter before attaching your SandPad™. The 6”-inch diameter SandPad is for users up to 300 lbs. 

 All Terrain Beach Wheelchair 


      Rental: $50.00 / Day       (Plus $50.00 for Delivery & Pick-up)

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The All Terrain Beach Lounger offers the opportunity for those with disabilities or injuries to access all types of terrain including the beach. This lounger may be used at a beach as well as all types of outdoor environments. The high flotation heavy duty wheels offer smooth movement through various surfaces including sand and water. Two fixed vertical legs with rubber tips provide complete stability when chair is not moving. The flip up arms facilitate easy transferring of patient. This product is made from PVC, is rust proof, water friendly, and lightweight. The material is fast drying. All stress related areas are reinforced to ensure safety, and the new push/pull handle facilitates easy moving and transferring of patients.

Reinforced at all stress areas, All Terrain No-Flat flotation Wheels:
Non-corrosive plastic bearing,Dual Swing-away Arms for Lateral Transfer
Seat Width 20”, Depth W/Leg Rest: 19.5Height, Floor-Seat 16”
Total Depth 47”, Total Width 43" Total Height 42"

Weight Limit, 200 lbs.

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